16 июня, 2024

  «Providing quality education in the context of systematic renewal of the content of education»

«Teacher of New Formation is a person with a creative, creative, creative, creative background, a passion for innovation, a creative background.»

Open Doors Day program for school teachers in the context of updated educational content
Seminar topic:
«Introduction of updated educational content into the educational process»
The goal:
       Use effective methods of formative assessment to improve the quality of students’ learning outcomes in the context of updating the content of education.

  • Develop students’ competitiveness using active teaching methods;
  • Provide each student with the basics of fundamental education and culture and create enabling environment for their full development;
  • Increasing the effectiveness of using different teaching methods and tools by updating the content of education;
    Expected result:
    Learn new teaching methods that will lead to better results;
    Provides methodological assistance to subject teachers;
    By educating and updating the content of education, a competitive person is educated.
    The teacher takes into account the tone, play and opinion of the student.

Date: February 20, 2020
Registration time: 9.00-9: 30
Venue: Private Institution «Talgar Regional Lyceum Boarding School # 1»

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