13 июня, 2024

Life At Dormitory

Our dormitories, home to our 360 students, are elaborately designed with a wide range of housing options that provide a warm and home-like atmosphere. Our dorms are prepared to cater to every need of residents. In the four-storey school dormitory there is a principal’s room, an assistant principal’s room, thirteen documentary rooms, a infirmary, a cafeteria and a kitchen, laundry and six relaxation rooms. For our students, we have sixty-eight rooms.The dorms offer  quad and sestet room alternatives, all with bathrooms, as well as a wide range of amenities and offerings for common use including free laundry room, group study rooms, lounges and guest reception rooms, TV rooms, food and drink businesses and an infirmary,  Each of our dorms also has a surveillance system; a hot water, security, and wireless internet.   Our dormitory complex also houses a soccer field, basketball and volleyball courts, and a fitness center to allow our students to make the most of their free time.