13 июня, 2024

On February 20, a regional seminar on «Inclusion of updated educational content in the learning process» was held.


The seminar was opened by our school principal Dildar Badalova and talked about the topic of the seminar, its purpose and expected results. Curriculum, trainings and open course processes were introduced to teachers from regional schools. At the end of the seminar, each lesson was discussed separately, comments were made on the shortcomings and successes of the lesson. In addition to 35 assistant methodologists from the regional schools, Gulzira Karaulovna, head of the district education department, attended the seminar, all participants stated that each course was held at the highest level.

 Geography teacher Mirzaev E.A. He held open lessons with 11 “a” classes on “Canada”, Biology teacher Rashidova Z.A. He gave lessons with 8 class “a” on “Structure and hygiene of the organs of vision”. History teacher Kasımova G.A. He organized 6 lessons on «big geographical discoveries» in 6 «b» classes, under the guidance of his English teacher M. Bayramov, he was taught English with 9 «в» classes on the subject of «Interview talk», robotics teacher E. Yücel said, «Robot construction, robot movements and passes his class in 9 «A» class on «codes». Turkish teacher B. Şimşek gave 8 “a” classes on “Antonyms-synonyms”, all courses were held at the highest level. School psychologist Bekdayir Aizat provided psychological training for visiting teachers. The seminar was held in accordance with the program that sets goals and objectives.

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