13 июня, 2024



Ufuk EKİCİ , the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Nursultan, visited the Private Talgar Boarding High School No. 1 on Monday, September 21 on the occasion of his recent commencement of duty in Kazakhstan. During this visit, the Ambassador was accompanied by Almaty Consul General Ali Rıza AKINCI, Almaty Education Attaché Mahmut AĞIRMAN, Almaty Commercial Attaché Osman BOZTEPE, Almaty Religious Affairs Attaché Emrullah ÜZÜM, Almaty MP Hüseyin KASSANOV, DATÜB (The World Union of Ahıska Turks) Deputy Chairpersons Rasim KUŞALİEV and Şahismail ASİEV.

The delegation was welcomed by the principal of the Private Talgar Boarding High School No. 1 Dildar BADALOVA, Deputy Director Abdullah BOZAT, teachers in charge of the school and other authorities. After the delegation made observations at the school, they received a briefing from the school administration. The ambassador and his delegation, who met with teachers who were appointed by Turkey, went on to have a short meeting.

Finally, a short welcome program prepared for the delegation was held. The opening speech of the program was given by the School Principal Dildar BADALOVA. In the program, the Ambassador also delivered a speech noting how valuable it is for him to be in the Fatherland and how they are honored to work here. Turkey and Kazakhstan will further strengthen the bonds of affection through the activities of these schools, he said. They stated that they heard the name of Talgar Boarding High School No.1 a lot before coming here and they were very impressed to see in person the work done and the environment here today. They ended their speech by expressing their gratitude to all school staff and everyone who contributed. After the Ambassador’s speeches, Turkish and Kazakh poems were read, and songs were sung by students wearing local clothes, accompanied by Kazakh instruments. At the end of the program, a souvenir photo was taken and the delegation was seen off.

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