16 июня, 2024

Turkish Language Olympiad

Turkish Language Olympiad was held on 12-25.12.2019 within our school. Our students showed great interest and participation in the competition held in three stages. The first stage was done on 12.12.2019 with A1 level reading and grammar test. The students who showed the highest success at this stage were entitled to attend the second stage on 23.12 and were admitted to the listening exam. A certain number of students who passed this stage made their speeches in the third stage held on 25.12.2019 in line with certain periods and topics. The results were evaluated by the jury consisting of the Turkish teachers of our school, Dildar Badalova, our school principal and Abdullah Bozat, assistant principal. One student from the 8th, 9th and 10th grades was given first prize.

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